Live Concert with Darius Rucker and Drew Green

June 15, 2023

Presented by the Life Ring Foundation

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July 21 - 22, 2023

Presented by EvolutionHR

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Stay tuned for official event information on the 2024 Charlotte’s Play Yellow Invitational Golf Tournament.

Save the date: The 2nd Annual Charlotte’s Play Yellow Invitational Golf Tournament is set for July 19-21, 2024 at Ballyhack Golf Club in Roanoke, VA! Stay tuned for additional event details.

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Who We Are

The Life Ring Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the people of the Roanoke Valley and Southwest Virginia Region. Our primary focus is improving the trajectory of the next generation. Our children are the Valley’s future.

Why We Do This

Fighting Kids’ Cancer is Life Ring Foundation’s five-year initiative to transform the state of care for children diagnosed with cancer in Southwest Virginia. 100% of the money raised will be used to add desperately needed resources to what will be the new pediatric cancer treatment center in Roanoke Valley. Our goal is to change the narrative in which kids have to leave Roanoke to receive treatment to one that transforms our region as a hub for families to move to receive proper care. We can no longer stand for loss of our children’s lives to lack of resources.

Save a Kid’s Life

Children diagnosed with cancer in Roanoke do not have the weapons they need to win the war. We are losing kids simply due to lack of tools to fight. You have an unprecedented opportunity to change outcomes in some of these fights by simply making a donation. Your money will go straight to acquiring the resources that may allow the next child and family win the fight. Please be part of the solution.

Want to help us in the fight to end kids' cancer?

Our Goal

We have taken on the very ambitious goal of attempting to raise $20,000,000 for the building and resourcing of a new state-of-the-art pediatric cancer treatment center in an unprecedented partnership with Carilion Clinic. The new pediatric unit will be part of the new Carilion Cancer Center on the Riverside campus. All money donated to the Life Ring Foundation and our Fighting Kids’ Cancer campaign will not be comingled with any other projects. Every dollar will go exclusively to resources needed for pediatrics. All too often, families who are diagnosed with pediatric cancer either have to leave their homes and families to get the resources they need or take their chances without those resources. The outcomes are being affected, and we are losing children who could have made it if they did not have to play from behind. This is a charitable opportunity like no other. Every dollar you give will increase the odds that the next child diagnosed will make it the bright future he or she is destined for.

“Our daughter Charlotte was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. We have been profoundly impacted by pediatric cancer. In our five-year journey we have seen too many families lose their fight simply due to lack of resources and misinformation. We are dedicating ourselves and our resources to changing the outcomes for the kids of the Roanoke Valley who will be fighting for their lives. Join us in this fight.” –  Jess and Kelly Woolwine

Our Community Partners

Life Ring Foundation

The Life Ring Foundation is a direct impact 501{c}3 public charity. We operate with a fraction of the administrative and infrastructure expenses of other comparable public charities. We pride ourselves on constructing the shortest distances possible between means and needs. Life Ring was founded by Jessica and Kelly Woolwine out of genuine passion to make Southwest Virginia a happier and healthier place even if it happens one person at a time. Through journey and experience, the primary focus of the foundation today, is the awareness, care, cure, and treatment of childhood cancer. We have not abandoned our roots in general health, community and social causes.